Pyromaniac Halfling Sorcerer

Sorcerer 3
Hp: 13 AC: 15

Melee: +1
Ranged: +4
CMB: -1
CMD: +13

Fortitude +2
Reflex +5
Will  +5

cha 18 (+4)
int 8  (-1)
wis 12 (+1)
dex 16 (+3)
str 8  (-1)
con 10 (+0)

Halfling Traits:
 +2 Cha +2 Dex -2 Str
 Slow Speed: Base speed 20
 Fearless: +2 Bonus on saving throws against fear
 Halfling Luck: +1 bonus to all saves.
 Keen Senses: +2 bonus to perception checks
 Sure Footed: +2 bonus on Acrobatics and Climb skill checks
 Weapon Familiarity: Sling
 Language: Common and Halfling

Spells Known:

Ray of Frost

 Burning Hands (bonus)
 Mage Armor
 Reduce Person
 Disguise Self

Skills known:
 Spellcraft 1 (+4 class skill)
 Bluff 1 (+4 class skill)
 Use Magic Device 1 (+4 class skill)
 Intimidate 1 (+4 class skill)
 Disable Device 1 (+1)
 Sleight of Hand 1 (+1)
 Perception 0 (+2 racial bonus)
 Acobatics 0 (+2 racial bonus)
 Climb 0 (+2 racial bonus)

 Combat Casting

Special Abilities:
 Bloodline Arcana (fire): Whenever you cast a spell that deals energy damage, you can change the
type of damage to fire. This also changes the spell’s type to fire.

 Elemental Ray (Sp): You can unleash an elemental ray as a standard action, targeting any foe 
within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. This ray deals 1d6 + 3 points of damage of your energy 
type. You can use this ability 7 times per day.

 Elemental Resistance (Ex): At 3rd level, you gain energy resistance 10 against fire.

Sickle - 1lb
Rope (hemp) - 10lb
Belt Pouch - .5lb
Waterskin - 1lb
Backpack - .5lb
Bedroll - 1.25lb

Saddle (riding)

6 Days Trail Rations 1.5lb
6 Days Feed 60 lb (on pony)

Outfit: Explorers Outfit with additional pockets to it. Vest is higher quality and decorated (a 
bit extravagantly) with a flame motif.

Shane was a firebug from a early age. This was frowned upon by the elders of the community, but tolerated – largely under the assumption that it would pass. He was, however, otherwise normal. He loved to run about town showing off his newest trick, or whatever he caught in the woods that day.

That all changed however, when the familial house caught fire one day, although no one died, many had serious injuries, including Shane. This event left him scarred, but rather than scaring him away from fire, he became even more obsessed with it. In fact, it soon became clear that something had changed within him, something had been unlocked, as he started to manifest magic, magic that he had not had before.

The elders of the community all blamed Shane for the fire. In truth he was not responsible, but due to his history as well as his unexplained new abilities, no one believed him. Once he was fully recovered he was banished from the village.

Shane set out, not really knowing where he was going, but intent on learning the full extent of his new abilities and his connection with fire. Although he is suited to the traveling life, the loss of ‘home’ and the lack of a place to return to haunts him more than he will ever admit.

Shane is very optimistic, and is upbeat to a fault. He is very active and always moving; when he is not setting something new on fire he is out investigating whatever has him curious today. Like many halfings, his common sense is often dwarfed by his curiosity and enthusiasm, although he tends to be perceptive. He has a bit of a showmanship streak, and likes to be the center of attention. He has a grand sense of humor, and can regularly get even the most gruff laughing at his stories and his antics – both magical and mundane. He tends to be a bit of a pyromaniac, but is not irresponsible about it. He pretends to be selfish, and even believes it at times, but ultimately he cannot turn away someone with genuine need.

Shane stands at 3 feet even, with a weight of 32 lb
He has bright red hair untypical of halflings


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