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The World

It’s really weird how 50% of all sunsets are incredibly breathtaking and dramatic.

The Places in the World

You’re in some kind of small and relatively quiet city. For right now.

It’s located in a place that is suspiciously like Western Europe but is not Western Europe for copyright reasons. Maybe someplace in the north of France or Germany.

Nearby is the frontier, which is loosely explored and has a lot of strange old ruins in it that could be fun to go get drunk in. Civilization is slowly creeping in. Some people with differing ideas of what “civilization” is might be trying to stop that. Who knows. It’s exciting.

Somewhere else there is a place that is distinctly like Eastern Asia where they have stuff like delicious spices and funky martial arts and weird music composition techniques.

There’s a whole gamut of other stuff and other people in it, too. It all has a tendency to be really pretty and have dramatic sunsets too. Maybe lots of dramatic cliffs and waterfalls.

The Stuff

It’s pretty… stuff-like. As described in Pathfinder.

All instances of tea are replaced by coffee, though. Because this is #coffeetime not #teatime. Well, in the place you’re in at least. They probably have tea somewhere else.

The Characters

Use point buy. Standard setting, 15 points. You start at level 3 and I will be expecting explanations of what you did to get there. Also only use the core Pathfinder stuff, because I don’t want to have the fatal flaw of 3.5 bite me in the ass immediately. (I’d much prefer one of its other, less-fatal flaws to do so. Which they already are, stupid long-ass character generation time.)

Bonus points* will be awarded for making alternative versions of your character in other systems, particularly those groovy ones where you just describe important aspects of your character in clever ways. Or Labyrinth Lord or B/X / BECMI / RC D&D or Old School Hack. Those ones would be cool too.

(*Bonus points will be added into your score at the end of the game to decide who wins, like on Whose Line is it Anyway? You can also redeem them for GM fiat in those instances where you totally have something really cool to do. Putting effort into the game when I don’t ask you to will generally get you bonus points and possibly a warm fuzzy feeling.)

The Guys Who Showed Up Once and Will Probably Show Up Again

They’re not all evil masterminds. Some of them are good.


For maximum banter action.

The Metagame Stuff

LaTeX or Textile?

The answer, obviously, is XML. Or XeLaTeX. XeLaTeX is pretty cool too.

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